Hailing from Austria, Christiane Marler (Miss Chris), is an international educator with more than 20 years teaching experience in guitar, voice, piano, dance, and figure skating. Before coming to Long Beach, Miss Chris, together with her sister, were the well sought after musical act Evita and Christina in hotel lounges, clubs and restaurants in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa. A former Upper Austrian Figure Skating Champion, she established a figure skating school at the Abu Dhabi Ice Rink and made ice-skating popular among the Arabs. Off the ice Miss Chris formed a children performance group, which gained wide popularity performing throughout the region. An accomplished songwriter, she released the music album Songs From The Emirates and Road To Dubai was featured extensively on radio, television and in the print media of the United Arab Emirates, her home for several years. A graduate of California State University Long Beach, Miss Chris is the owner of Aunties MusiClub, currently offering private and group instruction as well as After School Enrichment music programs in several Southland locations.
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