Established in 2006, Aunties MusiClub has been offering a kaleidoscope of fun-filled music classes in Long Beach, Southern California and recently also in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

From private piano and guitar lessons to After School Enrichment Classes in Chorus, Orchestra, Band, Percussion and Ethnic Drumming, students of all ages have the opportunity to find their passion working with our high qualified, dedicated faculty.

We approach the joy of music with a tailored, culturally diverse curriculum comprising rhythmic development, ear training, melody games and music fundamentals. The joy experienced promotes creativity and builds confidence, character and self-esteem.

Furthermore, we believe that the power of music has the ability to bring about significant changes such as breaking down barriers of prejudice and hate. It is our mission to spread the universal language of music among peoples of all nations, help foster a mutual understanding and work towards the prospect of world peace.

So, hop on board the Music Express and move with the groove! Major, minor, piano, forte, crescendo, diminuendo, let adventure carry you on this melody rainbow into the land of harmony.


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